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High Protein bar with dairy proteins and chocolate coating

• High quality proteins
• 30% protein in each bar
• High fibre
• Free from hydrolysed collagen and gelatine
• Free of artificial flavours and colours
• Batch tested within the WADA framework



Kinetica’s Milk Pro bars offer a super convenient way toconsume high quality protein between workouts, in the office, at home or on thego. They provide 20g of protein per 60g bar and include milk proteinisolate, whey protein concentrate and hydrolysed whey protein. Milk Proprovides 4.2g of hydrolysed whey protein per bar. Hydrolysed whey protein is apre-digested protein enzymatically broken down into peptides. These highbiological value and easily digested proteins support the growth andmaintenance of muscle mass.

Kinetica Milk Pro bars are free from hydrolysed collagen and gelatineingredients and contain natural flavours and colours only.

Like all our sports nutrition supplements, Kinetica Milk Pro are batch testedwithin the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) framework by the HFL to ISO 17025standards. From our elite athlete customer to our regular sports users wedemand and expect the same standards for all to ensure we provide a safe anddependable sports nutrition product.

Why use Kinetica Milk Pro Bars?
MilkPro High Protein bars offer a super convenient way foryou to include the highest quality protein (20g per bar) in your diet tosupport the growth and maintenance of muscle mass

What is in Kinetica Milk Pro Bars?


Chocolate Orange, Toffee


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